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SupaSulf MSM Sport Cream is a rich, healing, moisturizing cream specially designed for après sports skin, when the skin can be rubbed or chapped and pores open and exposed to bacteria. It is suitable for both the face and the body.

SupaSulf MSM Sport Cream is a combination of healing MSM, soothing Aloe Vera, anti-bacterial Tea tree Oil, which also soothes sore muscles, and Vitamin E. It is rich and easily absorbed with a refreshing, mildly antiseptic quality. Ideal for all skin conditions, especially chapped, rubbed or sunburnt, it will help maintain the skin in good condition, leaving it smooth and glowing. Regular use can visibly improve the condition of the skin, especially the face.

It is an ideal formula for both winter and summer après sport.

Available in pots of 50ml and 100ml.

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Title: MSM Cream

  MSM Cream
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